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Accessories – for more performance and convenience

Air flap controller


The amount of air circulating in the vertical air sifter is controlled by an air flap in the blower chamber. Adjustment of the air quantity determines the particle size to be separated. Optimum setting of the wind quantity is possible by means of visual checks directly at the machine. The air flap is controlled by an electrically driven servo motor and is part of the basic equipment for all RUBERG Aspirators.

Infeed regulator

Depending on the back pressure, a pre-defined product stream is fed to the sheet metal cascade from the vertical air sifter’s pre-distributor. The feed flap pressure load depends on the type of fruit and is adjustable by changing the lever arms.

Infeed automation

For optimum performance distribution, the product fill level in the pre-distributor should vary between the minimum and maximum values. With changing fruit types and fluctuating infeed quantities, automatic adjustment of the feed flap pressure is recommended. RUBERG  infeed automation performs this adjustment at any time, regardless of the fruit type and its consistency. It prevents backing up in the infeeds, prevents operating errors and optimises the cleaning quality.





Grain infeed control

Air quantity adjustment device


The air quantity adjustment device controls the air flap servo drive. Fitted in the central switch room, it works in parallel with the operating panel on the machine. This permits quick remote adjustment. The digital display values are allocated to the corres  ponding fruit types and deliver precisely reproducible results.The air quantity adjustment device with the operating panel on the machine is part of the basic equipment for all RUBERG Aspirators.

Change Over Flaps

RUBERG Aspirators have various change-over flaps depending on their capacity and flexibility. By setting switches outside the machine they serve to control internal product routing. The change-over flaps are available with manual operation or with manual operation and position indicators or with fully automatic adjustment units.



Manual adjustment of the 3 flaps


Electro-pneumatic adjustment of the 3 flaps