Jet Filter

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GEBR. Ruberg - Jet Filter

RDF Series - for dry dusts at a high collection efficiency

Separation from the product by vacuum- or pressure-conveyance, Jet Filter-System-Illustrationdust extraction and cleaning of dust-burde air- or  gas mixtures from process-technical and central aspirations  are examples of tasks which are targeted to the RUBERG Jet Filter. In this fields it can be used efficiently and flexibly.

Working Method:
Over the tangential connection piece the dust-burden crude gas is stepping into the separating part of the filter casing. Products and coarse particles are obtaining a strong delay and diversion of its moving direction. By heavy and centrifugal forces the dry components are sinking helically down to the product and dust discharge.The light air is rising centrally within the filter chamber and circulates the free-hanging filter elements. According to their tasks selected filter tissues, self-rigid form or of supporting baskets carried, lead the diffusing gas into the clean gas area and to the clean gas discharge area.This one will be periodically solved during the regular operation by way of a compressed air impulse effective into counter-current direction which will break out the filter cake at the mesh and conveys it to the dust discharge. The air jet is strengthened by the venturi-effect at the inlet into the filter element.

RDF deu schlauchfilter5Application:
Multiple application possibilities are arising out of the arrangement within the types of construction of the standard designs. On this way the corresponding leading of the crude gases the filter elements are protected against erosion. Rest dust concentrations under 20 mg/m3 pure gas outlet are allowing the return of heated process air into the equipment with noticable undercut of the limit value current legal regulations. By using Ex-protected valves and control units and accessories RUBERG Jet Filters are applicable within Ex-threatened areas with reference to ATEX-grades.

Type RDF-I-48-3600

Steel, 1.0037.
With control connection, RUBERG discharge sluice
and exhaust fan for a sewage sludge drying plant.


Steel and stainless steels, special and erosion protected steels with ground, glass bead blasted or varnished surfaces are offering application possibilities within the food, chemical, agricultural and feed industry as well as for further not mentioned industries. A large number of manufactured sizes at a modular erection are resulted to individual adapted filter units for a wide range of application spectrum. Discharge supports, locking hoppers, ventilators, inductors and further accessories are completing our manufacturing line.We are conceiving, planning, manufacturing and mounting individual and complete plants for you.The integration of powerful filters in existing plants is a continuance challenge for us.

RDF deu schlauchfilter7


RUBERG-Jet Filter
Type RDF-II-20-1200

Stainless steel, 1.4301.
With decompression valve, weighing equipment
and discharge screws for conveying and
dosing of food powders.









● Little space requirement concerning vertical design

● Maximum load of the filter area possible

● Filter mesh of low flammability

● Ex-protection by way of pressure-proof casing, bursting disc and adequate accessories.

Design Variations:

RUBERG Jet Filter RDF line especially adequate for a continuous operation at big air  volumes  and continuance products as well. These filters are applicated in all industrial areas where dry dusts have to be separated. RUBERG Jet Filter RDF-P line are distinguished for flexible application between little and medium air volumes within the sensitive areas of the food, chemical, agricultural as well as further industries.



RDF deu schlauchfilter8

RUBERG-Jet Filter  RDF deu schlauchfilter9
Type RDF-III-28-3000

Steel, 1.0037.
With rotation discharge soil, RUBERG-discharge sluice
and bursting disc, for a glas-fibre plant.










  RUBERG-Jet Filter
Type RDF-V-24-2400

Steel, 1.0037.
With extra varnish
for a coal-fired power station.





RUBERG-Jet Filter

RDF-P Series

RDF deu schlauchfilter12

RUBERG Jet Filter RDF-P line are cartridge filters in a very compact method of building.The folded filter membranes are self-rigid and allow to be charged with very high loads with reference to the filter surface. One-piece filter elements with incorporated earthing wires, smoothed surfaces, product specific materials as well as high collection efficiencies with rest dust content lower than 20 mg/cbm within the pure gas are available. With a few handles the filter elements are removable. Depending upon material they could be cleaned or dried manually or automatically. For the control adjustable filter control units are available for the autonomous operation or for the integration within automatic control systems. Differential pressure measurements between crude gas and pure gas are allowing an energy-saving operation by way of a switching on  and off of the automatic control unit referring to the individual requirements.

● big filter area on little space
● horizontal and vertical mounting position
● easy cleaning of the filter elements
● little space requirement referring to compact construction
● higher filter loads are possible
● explosion prevention by bursting discs and Ex-protected aggregates


Filter head with filter elements for the
RUBERG-Jet Filter type RDF-P 4.465 and
the RUBERG-Jet Filter type RDF-P 4.915


RDF deu schlauchfilter1

RDF deu schlauchfilter2








RUBERG Jet Filter
Type RDF-P 4.615
Stainless steel, 1.4301.
With exhaust air ventilator, mounted in a RUBERG Manual Dumping Device with
exhaust air ventilator and integrated weighing system for foodstuffs.



RDF deu schlauchfilter4RDF deu schlauchfilter3









RUBERG Jet Filter
type RDF-V-48-2400
Stainless steel, 1.4301.
As hopper attachment filter for animal waste flours.




RUBERG Jet Filter
type RDF-I-36-3600
Steel, 1.0037.
As de-dusting filter for the central aspiration of an animal
feed production plant.