Barrel Batch Mixers

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RUBERG-Barrel Batch Mixers

Increasing demands and universal possibilites of use in every day mixing operations require innovative ideas and experts which turn demands into reality. This is how we have developed the RUBERG Barrel Batch Mixer FCM series, based on many ideas, both big and small.

Operating Method:
The products are commissioned in barrels that are usual in trade and have a capacity from 5 to 500 litres (GMP-conforming). The barrels are integrated into the mixing process by docking to the fixed mixing chamber. A freely programmable control starts the mixing cycle when the start order has been given.

The complete mixing unit swivels into the working position and empties the barrel contents into the mixing chamber. The absolutely closed system prevents product emissions or entrainments. Expensive filters and aspiration systems are not needed. The slow running mixing thread ensures completely homogeneous mixing within a very short time and in a product-friendly way.

After that the unit returns to its initial position. The turning mixing tool supports the complete emptying of the product which is re-fed into the barrel. The barrel is then uncoupled and released for further use.

Working Steps of a RUBERG Barrel Batch Mixer:






1. Insert barrel
2. Lift barrel
3. Barrel is docked
4. Swivel barrel and fill mixing chamber





5.Variable mixing positions
6.Swivel back barrel and fill
7.Uncouple barrel
8. Remove barrel

Automatized RUBERG Barrel Mixing Station

Barrel size 5 litres to 500 litres