Container Batch Mixers

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RUBERG-Container Batch Mixers

MULTI-PURPOSE Handling and Excellent Mixing Qualities


We have taken up customer requirements for reduced plant engineering with simple logistics for the handling of existing containers, and have this developed the CCM-U and CCM-O series of the RUBERG Container Batch Mixer.



Operating Method:

The products are commissioned in containers or that are usual in trade in special containers of up to approx 2000 litres (GMP-conforming). The containers are integrated into the mixing process by docking to the slewable mixing chamber.
A distinction is made between containers that are joined to the chamber from above (CCM-O) and containers that are joined from below (CCM-U). The mixing principle in all its variations is the same as that of the RUBERG Precision Batch Mixers.

Design Variants:

Containers with inlet or discharge cones and containers that can be completely opened at the top are suited for operation with the CCM-U series.
The whole unit, with the container linked up at the underside, swivels into the working position and the product is completely discharged into the mixing chamber. The closed system prevents any emission of the product. Aspiration and filter systems can be dispensed with.
The slow-running mixer, with gentle action on the product, in a very short time produces a completely homogenous mix. After that the unit returns to its initial position. The turning mixing tool supports the complete emptying of the product which is re-fed into the container. The container is then uncoupled and released for further use.

Containers for discharge at the bottom only are suited for utilization in conjunction with the CCM-O series.They are placed on the mixing chamber by means of a fork lift truck or hoist and are then docked. The outlet is opened and the product discharged into the mixing chamber, free of emissions.
When the mixing process is completed, the whole unit swivels down and the product is discharged back into the container. The running mixer facilitates the complete discharge of the product from the mixing chamber. The container is then closed, is swivelled back into the starting position, is uncoupled and can be used for other purposes.
It is possible to dock containers of different diameters by simply exchanging the adapters. Suitable adapters for special containers and customer-specific systems are available. The batch volume can range between 10% and 100% of the mixing chamber‘s volumes without any effect on the quality of the mix.
Agglomerates can be broken up and divers of fluids can be added with the aid of cutting rotors. The versions made of high-quality stainless or special steels permit the application of the RUBERG Container Batch Mixer for all product categories.
The cleaning of the mixing chamber can be effected according to CIP or SIP or manually by swivelling it into the horizontal position and then washing it out. Alternatively, containers with cleaning medium can be docked to the mixing chamber and the cleaning process can be effected by running normal mixing cycles.


Automatized RUBERG Container Mixing Station

Container size 50 litres to 2.000 litres