Vertical Dosing Feeder

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RUBERG Vertical Dosing Feeder

Series RVD

Application range:
RUBERG vertical dosing feeders produce an even bulk stream in a product gentle manner. They are suited for the discharging of free-flowing dry materials from bins, silos, mixing apparatus etc. Because of the polygon effect at the rotation of the spherical designed impeller bridging with poor-flow products on the one hand and flush-like discharging with particular easily flowing products on the other hand is prevented. Thus e.g. subsequent apparatus like sifting machines, continuous conveyors, packaging plants etc. can be fed.

Mode of operation:
In a solid housing there is an impeller with 6 up to 12 open chambers. It is axially and radially led in maintenance-free bearings and seals. The drive and the adjustment of the throughput rate take place via a directly flanged gear motor with variable speeds.

Designed in high-quality stainless steel materials. With hygienic surfaces and seals they will be applicable in the chemistry, food and pharmacy area. The nominal sizes and connection flanges conform to well-established standard lines. So RUBERG vertical dosing feeders can be integrated into existing pipelines and plants. Equipped with a blowing collar and position generator for the impeller RUBERG vertical dosing feeders also can also be used as dust-proof and pressure-tight closing shutoff device. Variable clearances for sensitive granules, heating jacket for tempered products, integrated cleaning and CIP nozzles are examples for large accessories.

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