Lump Breaker

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RUBERG Lump Breaker

Series KBR

RUBERG lump breakers are used for reducing compacted bulk material and raw materials in various industrial sectors. They homogenize grain sizes and the bulk material’s passage, thus providing for an even product discharge from bins, silos, big bags, sacks etc. into conveyor systems, mixing units, process plants, packaging plants etc.

Method of Operation:
In a cylindrical casing a free-floating bearing-suspended rotor blade with welded bridges combs through the welded bridges of a stator. The particle size of the crushed lumps is defined by the shape of the bridges, their grid and gap dimensions. The rotor is directly guided and driven by the gear motor‘s hollow shaft. The rotor shaft is sealed by a multiple mechanical seal. Controlled by a frequency converter, the throughput capacity can be adjusted and malfunctions can automatically be eliminated by reversible operation.

Made of high-quality either stainless or special steels, with wearresistant coatings or hygienic surfaces with appropriate sealings RUBERG lump breakers can be broadly used in bulk material, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry sectors. Produced in accordance with GMP, FDA and ATEX standards. Nominal widths correspond with common series of standards. With flat flanges, clamp flanges or straight connection pieces for collars. Thus they can easily be connected with existing tubes, plant sections and process equipment. Examples for supplementary equipment are heating or cooling jackets for temperized products, self-locking spraying nozzles for automatic CIP cleaning and swivel device for inspecting the whole unit.

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